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I am the principal of a small architectural firm which aims to build a relationship with each client in order to guide their vision through economy and clarity of design. My clients have both large budgets and small budgets; no matter what the budget, everyone deserves good design with aesthetic integrity.

Currently the bulk of my projects involve residential expansion of older homes. These homes are usually well-built and abundant with detail, yet are challenging as livable spaces for the modern family. I start by establishing the client’s goals and objectives, then advise them on options, challenges and cost. Often, I encourage the client to first consider an interior renovation, small bump-out or vertical expansion before pursuing a full-blown addition. Skillful design can add square footage both actual and perceptual, save money and create articulated spaces for today’s lifestyle without changing the footprint of the home.

I welcome you to contact me by email or phone for an informal consultation and look forward to meeting you and tackling design solutions together.

Suzie Van Cleave

Suzie Van Cleave, AIA    847-778-1625

M. Arch.  -  University of Texas, Arlington
BS Interior Design  –  University of Texas, Austin
18 years' experience in Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin
Registered in Illinois + Wisconsin

Remodeling and Home Design